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Admintool4 | CMS | Open Source | Laravel

Admintool4 | CMS | Open Source | Laravel


Admintool4 Laravel 5.2


Admintool4 (A4L5) is a modular multilingual content management system built with Laravel 5.5 framework using the core of TypiCMS.

This combination enables high quality stable code and user friendly functionalities.

Admintool4 is probably the most user-friendly CMS in the world.

Please contact us for a complimentary trial.


Front End

Blade template engine Admintool4 uses Laravel’s built in template engine Blade which is both simple and fast. It adds a layer of security against XSS attacks
Bootstrap Admintool4 uses bootstrap css to allow quick and standardized frontend development
AngularJS Admintool4 uses AngularJS which allows complex frontend interactions
Bower and NPM Admintool4 uses Bower and NPM for rapid installation of 3rd party frontend libraries
Less / Sass Admintool4 uses Less / Sass to compile the system CSS code based in a modular way
Gulp Admintool4 uses Gulp task runner to bundle common tasks like combining and minifying website resources
MVC Laravel is a framework based on the MVC Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. This pattern allows code separation and structure
ORM Laravel uses Eloquent ORM which adds a layer of abstraction and security to the interaction with the database
RESTful Admintool4 is designed to work in a RESTful way providing a standard protocol of communication between the frontend and backend.
Composer Admintool4 uses composer to install it’s own modules and third party packages. There are over 10 000 laravel packages available which can speed up the website development process
Deployment  Admintool4 uses Phing as a deployment tool. It provides an easy way to define deployment procedures and enforce versioning maintenance.
Versioning Admintool4 uses GIT as a source version control system.



Laravel’s Blade template engine defines a syntax which by default outputs escaped content.CSRF - There is a built in CSRF protectionSQL Injection - The ORM takes care of SQL injectionsAuthorization and Authentication.


Authentication/Authorization systemPerformance


Admintool4 has a built in full-page caching on static pages which dramatically decreases the page load time.